About Me

I have been involved in stamp collecting since the age of 13. My collecting interests include U.S. first day covers and worldwide military covers, with a specialization in naval covers.

As you see, I create and handpaint my own cacheted covers, which I have been doing since 1985. I donated artwork to the 30 Mile Point Lighthouse (see links). Several shows in the area have exhibited my work over the past few years.

I am a member of the Rochester Philatelic Association (life member), American Philatelic Society, American First Day Cover Society and Universal Ship Cancellation Society. One of my presentations has been turned into an APS slide show entitled "Crisis in the Gulf."

My college education began at the Ringling School of Art and was completed at the Rochester Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Business.

I was a buyer/planner by profession, working for an international OEM which manufacturers industrial washers and sterilizers for the medical and research fields. I retired on 2015.

I was active with the Boy Scouts of America, having held various leadership positions with them for over 25 years, most recently as a volunteer Unit Commissioner.